Seven Incentives And Challenges That Come With Running A Micro-Brand

There are now five new watch brands launched every week. Is this a fad or a real industry trend? We listed seven incentives that could explain the growing interest of entrepreneurs for this industry, and we also listed seven challenges that could catch some of them unprepared.

The Real Meaning Of Luxury And Limitations Of The Affordable Luxury Model

Lew Frankfort is credited with coining the term “affordable luxury” in the mid-1980’s while he was repositioning Coach leather goods in lower price segments. Affordable luxury is an oxymoron that has of late been overused by Low Middle End watch companies from the Scandinavian minimalist wave.While their promise is to make luxury accessible to commoners, the reality is less rosy as a close examination […]

Ophion, One Of The Rare And Genuine Examples Of Afforable Luxury

Compared to all the watch brands who claim to sell affordable luxury, Ophion actually delivers by selling a High End movement at a High Middle price.After successfully crowdfunding the launch of their model OPH 960 in Summer 2015, Spanish-based brand Ophion is upping the ante with a second act. By the account of independent watchmaking journalist GrĂ©gory Pons (, two new watch brands are […]