If you can’t fill a container, don’t bother with a ship. If you can’t fill a pallet, don’t bother with a truck. Smaller than a pallet, leave it up to the courier to decide.

Our first recommendation for handling logistics is to contact your local FedEx, DHL, UPS or other express carrier office and choose the best quote before opening an account. You will start using their services soon enough to receive samples from factories and to eventually move your stock from one location to another.

Sales Platform

There are a dozen e-commerce software to pick from, but a Swedish cloud platform called Tictail caught our attention by its simplicity. The software use templates that can extensively be customized, but their approach is to start with basic free features and gradually increase with paid features based on needs. As a consequence, the back office is concise and feels much easier to manage than most of the self-hosted software that we compared. If you need integration with your order fulfillment company, then you might want to consider some of the other options.

Handling and Shipping

The smallest logistical scale consist in handling the stock and fulfilling orders yourself. It indeed might be one of the best options if your watches are high in value, but for you need to plan to spend at least 15 minutes per order and to have storage space available. For insurance purposes, we must recommend to use a self-storage solution like Shurgard, which comes with electronic security and video monitoring.

Running operations under a limited liability company also entitles you to a VAT number, or sales tax, which in Europe allows to offset the import tax once that you have exported the goods.

The next option is to use a warehousing and fulfilling supplier. Please proceed to the payment gateway to access our Report on Order Fulfillment, in which we recommend subcontractors in China, USA and Europe.