Dual Brand Attribute

When laying the foundation for a watch brand, it is imperative to understand how Value Proposition is tied to the interconnectedness of brand name, design, distribution and after sales servicing. Based on our observation, the most Value Proposition of successful established and upcoming brands can by summed up by what we call the Dual Brand Attributes.

The first attribute usually relates to style positioning, while the second attribute relates to price positioning, and the combination of those two attributes should help to differentiate a brand from potential competitors.

Style Positioning

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Price Positioning

The upstream approach that we recommend consists in first understanding where you are positioning your brand on the market.

Based on the brand positioning, you can determine what your products retail price should be and how much commission you have to give away to your distribution network. That leaves you with an amount that you must use to run and grow your business while paying for the manufacturing at the same time.

The downstream approach, which we see many aspiring entrepreneurs adopt by lack of experience, consist in creating the end product in a bubble, and then try to figure out ways of selling it.

Luxury products such as watches stand at an intersection between goldsmithing, metalsmithing and leathersmithing.  As a consequence, this type of luxury product is always more than the sum of its components. We looked at the 2007 market segmentation chart from Europastar and the 2009 brand ranking from the independent Pictet bank to come up with a more accurate segment description. Our research shows that USD 300 is the tipping point between Impules Buying and Rational Buying. As explained by our Price Segments  the overall quality of finishing comes in 6 different levels : Low End, Low Middle End, Middle End, High Middle, High End and Master Watchmaking.

Price Segmentation

MovementManufacturingSegment definitionRetail price
United Kingdom
Master WatchmakingAbove USD 25,000
High EndUSD 5,000 to USD 25,000
High MiddleUSD 1,000 to USD 5,000
QuartzMiddle EndUSD 500 to USD 1,000
OthersLow Middle EndUSD 250 to USD 500
AsiaLow EndLower than USD 250
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