Seven Incentives And Challenges That Come With Running A Micro-Brand

There are now five new watch brands launched every week. Is this a fad or a real industry trend? We listed seven incentives that could explain the growing interest of entrepreneurs for this industry, and we also listed seven challenges that could catch some of them unprepared.

How Much Of Swiss Made Is Actually Swiss Made?

Working with Swiss and foreign watch components factories on a weekly basis, we have seen the loopholes in both the old and the new Swiss Made regulations.Currently, 60% of the creation of added value has to happen in Switzerland, and that does not include the bracelet nor the strap.Before January 1st, 2017, qualification for Swiss Made watches was looser than for Swiss Made movements. […]

Timekeeping And The Revival Of Mechanical Watches

Before going through the list of fundamental differences between smartwatches and traditional watches, it is important to understand that traditional watches mostly continue to exist as a status symbol (possessed only by a privileged few), since their technological purpose has almost entirely been eroded 25 years ago.Watches have historically served two purposes: that of a status symbol and a that of a self-contained timekeeper, […]

The Design Process Of A Watch

The typical setup of an established watch company always involves development of new products at the intersection of style, price and design. A watch is always designed based on what we call Dual Brand Attribute at Woodshores. The design must fit within a specific style, and it must fit within a specific price segment.The Style Positioning is set on a map of five fundamental styles, that […]